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About Me

The first time I picked up my camera to photograph my own newborn; I knew that I had found my calling. It wasn’t the sunny smile that greeted every click of my camera, or the fact that I was photographing my own child; it was the joy that I saw in each captured memory and on all the faces of everyone who saw the pictures.


In those moments, I knew that my background in graphic design, along with 7 years of experience beautifying photographs, had led me to the place I want to be; capturing the magical moments that everyone has in their lives.


My camera lens instinctively turned towards the images of childhood. At no other time in a person’s life can magic occur with such ease. It is seen in the careless laughter, the shy smiles, and the goofy expressions. It can be found in the simplest of ways and all parents are often amazed by the magic that their children find in the world around them.


My photography capture those moments when the world is truly magical and my breathtaking photographs provide parents with the opportunity to cherish those moments for years to come; something that as a parent, I understand the importance of. Children grow up and many times it feels like it is much too quickly.


By photographing babies and children, I am providing parents with a way to make those memories as beautiful as possible. Although I love to take portraits, I love taking them in a way that creates the most natural and beautiful shots.


I work with babies and children because I enjoy working with them. I make every photo shoot an opportunity for children to play, laugh and simply be themselves. They enjoy coming to get their photos taken because I provide a fun and interactive way to take photographs.


While I do the occasional posed shot, my photographs are all about those candid moments that are often forgotten in the business of everyday life; the candid moments that parents often worry about forgetting.


So while I enjoy capturing those moments for you, my true passion is in providing you with the most beautiful photos you can find anywhere. There is something to be said of work being done by a professional and there is even more to be said about work being done by a professional who loves what she is doing.


And I am that professional that is happy to bring you Alicen Lum Photography, a company that is there to capture in vivid photographs, the magical moments that you want to remember.


My Studio is located in Federal Way, WA near Seattle, Bellevue and Tacoma